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The rice we eat is produced by a certain amount of processing. In the process of processing, rice mill machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for rice milling, which can remove the brown rice skin and process it into finished rice that meets the specified quality requirements.

Our Products

Bycan Machinery offers N series rice mill, N series dual-cyclone rice mill, 6NF series fine rice mill, SB rice mill, rice huller machine, rice mill production line, rice packing machine, grain grinding machine, etc.

6NF fine rice mill

SB combined rice mill

Rice mill production line

N air-jet rice mill

rubber-roller rice mill

rice packing machine

Our factory display

covers 20,000 square meters, advanced processing device

Bycan machinery can produce single rice mill, combined rice mill, rice huller machine, rice destoner machine, SB rice mill, FFC grinder, rice packing machine, rice mill plant. Bycan machinery has exported rice mill to different country, worldwide shipping and worldwide trading, improve your life quality.

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Delivery and transportaion

Fast delivery
security transportation

We have semi-finished rice mill machine in our workshop, after customers place orders, we ask our workers to produce machine asap. It usually takes 3 to 5 working days to deliver. Of course, if customers order a 20GP or 40GP rice mill, we also try our best to make a fast delivery.
Fast Delivery
All rice mill is packed in ply wooden cases, which is usually used in an international trade and global transporation. We double check the packing condition at factory and before shipping. Each machine is wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture.
Security Package
Customers can choose ocea transportation, air transportation and express delivery. We have a long-term cooperation with a freight forwarder company. Same as us, offering considerate service and reasonable price.
Worldwide Shipping

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