N series blower rice mill

Application:Process brown rice into white rice, or directly process paddy into white rice. Suitable for city rice mill shop and farm rice mill factory.

N series blower rice mill, mainly matched with a rice huller to mill brown rice into white rice.
While it can also mill paddy into white rice directly.
It is widely used in city rice mill shop or farm rice mill factory.

This machine cannot crush rice bran into fine rice bran. If you need fine bran rice mill, you can find it here.

What are features of this blower rice mill?
1. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
2. It has a blower system, can bring rice bran after milling brown rice.
3. By using this machine to mill rice, the finished rice is bright and clean. The rice bran is less and the temperature is low.

Check the technical parameters and choose a suitable model:

Model Power




Mainshaft speed(r/min) N. Weight


G. Weight


Packing size(mm)
N50 5.5~11 500~600 850~950 140 190 1150*400*700
N70 7.5~13 700~800 750~850 185 245 1150*450*770
N120 15~18.5 1200~1300 750~850 280 350 1150*530*890

We supply enough standard accessories for this rice mill:

A rice huller machine: