Cassava grinding machine

Application:It is suitable for cassava, sweet potato, pueraria lobata, potato, Chinese yam, taro, lotus root grinding work.

A cassava grinding machine can improve the grinding work efficiency. Cassava, sweet potato, pueraria lobata, potato, Chinese yam, taro, lotus root, they are all can be grinded by this cassava grinder machine.

1. This cassava grinding machine adopts pure copper motor with 2.2kw high power, which provides powerful power and higher working efficiency.
2. Enlarge the design of the feeding silo, feed it directly, and the rounded edge will not hurt the hand.
3. The design of the discharge hole is widened, the material is unloaded smoothly, and it is easy to clean.
4. The inner pressure plate is quenched and thorn-rolled, which is durable and sharp.
5. The bearing of this machine is made of cast iron gears, which are wear-resistant and durable, and prolong the service life. With the A-type wear-resistant belt, the power is stronger.

The technical parameters:

Model BCMJ800
Power 2.2kw/220v
Capacity 800kg/h
Motor speed 2800r/min
Feeding size 37*30cm
Weight 35kg
Dimensions 37*35*80cm

Production process of cassava flour:
1. Wash-please wash the cassava first.
2. Grind-please put it into a cassava grinder to grind the cassava residue and improve the flour yield.
3. Rinse-please wash the cassava residue with a large basin of water, and then remove the cassava residue.
4. Precipotate-please let the water containing cassava starch settle for a period of time, usually more than 12 hours.
5. Air dry-please pour out the water gently, and put the precipitated cassava starch under the sun to dry.
6. Done-please collect the dried cassava flour.
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