Combined rice mill

Application:Paddy cleaning, feeding paddy, paddy hulling/rice mill, rice packing, a group processing line for rice processing.

This group is a combination of rice huller and rice mill combination, and combined fine bran rice mill machine. The combination includes one rice huller and miller combination machine, one destoner machine, two elevators, one electric box and electric motors. It is a practical combined rice milling group.
Its advantages: advanced structure, beautiful appearance, automatic centering, convenient operation and maintenance. With high rice yield, good rice quality, large output, low noise, low power consumption and low rice temperature. This group is a fine bran type huller miller combined rice mill. While milling rice, the rice husk is directly crushed. The bran can be directly used as feed for various livestock.

1.  Combined rice mill machine:

A rice huller and a rice mill, combined together, makes a combined rice mill group.

Model Power Capacity Dimensions Net weight Gross weight
N15/11 18kw 800~1000kg/h 133*83*170cm 565kg 600kg
N15/13 20kw 1000~1500lg/h 133*183*183cm 605kg 645kg

2.  Destoner machine

This machine is a detsoner machine, which adopts the vibration screening principle to remove the sand, stone and sundries in rice.

Model Power Capacity Dimensions Net weight Gross weight
50A 1.5kw 1000kg/h 110*71*140cm 100kg 120kg

3. Elevator machine/feeding machine:

This machine is a grains elevator. This machine includes blower elevator and bucket elevator. It is an improved grains elevator.

Model Power Capacity Dimensions Net weight Gross weight
TF-3 1.5kw 1500kg/h 75*57*110cm 85kg 95kg

Match a rice packing machine for a whole production line.