Conjoined rice mill

Application:Process paddy into white rice, can also process both japonica rice and indica type rice.

This BC110 rice mill is used for milling paddy into white rice by one time, meanwhile, crushing rice bran into fine bran, this machine is very popular in family shop or mobile rice processing field.

Features of conjoined rice mill:
1. Can process both japonica rice and indica type rice.
2. Small size, light weight and small power.
3. It has built-in crusher, when milling rice, it can also crush rice husk, the fine bran can be feed for animals.

The technical parameters of BC110 conjoined rice mill:

Model Power Capacity Mainshaft


N. weight G. weight Packing size
BC110 15kw 1000~1200kg/h 800~850r/min 230kg 275kg 1150*500*770mm

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