Corn sheller machine

Application:This corn sheller machine is also named corn peeling machine, maize sheller machine, maize peeling machine. It is used for peeling corn instead of hands peeling corn.

Corn sheller machine, a good machine that I recommend to farmers.

My mother is a farmer when I was young, I remembered that when the corn was harvested from the farmland, she always peel the corn by hands, very tired and waste a lot of time. But now, there is a corn sheller machine, which can shell corn instead of hands shelling. After using this corn sheller machine, the outer shell of corn is separated and the corn kernels is not broken.

While the corn cob is not broken neither. It is good effect when peeling dry corn.

What is the advantage of this corn peeling machine?
1. Stable property.
2. Corn outer skin and corn cob is separated automaticly.
3. Using cast iron all-in-one belt pulley, small friction, more durable work.
4. With bigger blower, clean peeling.
5. Four axis design, two iron shaft, two rubber shaft, adjustable distance between shafts.
6. Paint process, more lifetime.
7. Bigger feeding hole, feeding smooth.
8. Longer corn sheller body, 80cm long, improve working efficiency.

Corn sheller machine technical parameters:

Model BCTP2000
Power 2.2kw
Capacity 1000~1250kg/h
Peeling rate >95%
Voltage 220V
Motor speed 2800r/min
Sheller speed 1300r/min
Weight 80kg
Dimensions 1280*380*610mm

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