Corn thresher machine

Application:Corn thresher machine is used to thresh corn, instead of hand threshing corn, this machine can improve threshing efficiency. Very high threshing performance, can reach almost 99%.

In the early years, farmers used their hands to thresh corn, which was tiring, time-consuming and inefficient. With the development of science and technology, this corn thresher replaces manual corn threshing, which greatly improves the work efficiency of corn threshing.

Working principle:
When threshing corn, the corn is fed from the feeding hole, the corn is impacted in the high-speed rotating rotor and drum, the corn cob is separated from the sieve holes, the corn cob is discharged from the tail of the machine, and the corn silk and skin are discharged from the tuyere. The feeding hole is located on the upper part of the upper cover of the machine. The corn cob enters the threshing chamber through the feeding hole. In the threshing chamber, the corn kernels are hit by the high-speed rotating rotor and fall off. They are separated out through the sieve hole. In case of corn kernels hurts people.

Three kinds of feeding hole for customers choose:

How about corn thresher features?
1. Matching a copper core motor which has stronger power, faster speed and low energy consumption.
2. The feeding hole is enlarged, and multiple corns can be put in at the same time, the feeding is easy and not stuck, and the work efficiency is high.
3. The corn thresher machine comes with a corncob feeding board. After threshing, the corncob falls on the feeding board to prevent impact and breakage.
4. One-piece pulley, cast iron design, less friction and more durable.
5. The snail blower can effectively remove the sundries, remove the broken skin residue, and the corn kernels are cleaner.
6. There are 36 independent hammers inside, which rotate quickly, and the net removal rate is as high as 99%.

Corn thresher machine technical parameters:

Model BCYT800
Power 4kw/7HP
Capacity 1000~1500kg/h
Motor Speed 2800r/min
Threshing Performance >99%
Weight 68KG
Dimensions 930*430*900mm
Feeding size 42*42mm

How about Bycan factory capacity?

Do you want to see this corn thresher machine working video?