One customer bought 5 fine bran rice mill

Bruce is a businessman in Tanzania, he has a small rice shop. When he contacted me at the first time, just order one fine bran rice mill BC110. While after he got BC110 and makes it works for a few months, he recommended this machine to his friend.

Humphrey, the friend of Bruce, owns a medium rice process factory, after talking about this fine bran rice mill price, he orders 5 sets of BC110. The reason why he chose this model, is that he has a small farm, which feeding 20 sheep, and they needs to eat feed. While fine bran rice mill, it can process paddy into white rice directly, meanwhile, crush rice bran into fine bran, and when sheep eat fine bran, they grow quickly.

Usually in our Bycan rice mill, the machine is always in green color. But this time, Humphrey asked us to paint these 5 machines into white color, wow, they are really beautiful after painting white color. This BC110 has a blower, also called cyclone, can put crushed fine bran together.

If you need to know the technical parameters and more information, please check our fine bran rice mill price.

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