Fine bran rice mill

Application:Put paddy into this machine, you can get white rice. It is a combined rice mill group, rice processing machine, rice polisher.

This product is a hulling and milling combined fine bran rice milling machine, a comprehensive equipment for rice processing. This rice miller is an improved rice peeling and polishing device for rice milling machine. It has advanced structure, beautiful appearance, self-aligning, convenient operation and maintenance, and has the advantages of high rice yield, good rice quality, large output, low noise, low power consumption, and low rice temperature. This product is a combined rice mill of fine bran type hulling and milling, which directly crushes the rice husks while milling rice, and the bran can be directly used as feed for various livestock.

The fine bran can be pressed into feed pellet when using a feed pellet machine.

Working principle

The paddy enters the machine through vibrating screen and magnetic separation device, and goes through rubber roller husking (removing the large yellow husk), air separation, and air milling (removing the brown inner husk and turning it into white rice), and continuously completes shelling from the net grain. When it comes to the whitening process, the chaff, fine bran, glutinous rice and white rice are discharged out of the machine respectively.

Fine bran rice mill group information:

Model Power Capacity Dimensions Net weight Gross weight
N15/11 18kw 800~1000kg/h 133*83*170cm 565kg 600kg
N15/13 20kw 1000~1500lg/h 133*183*183cm 605kg 645kg