Iron roller rice mill

Application:An iron-roller rice mill can process brown rice into white rice, can also process paddy into white rice directly.

The iron-roller blower rice mill, BCF-2, is usually used for milling brown rice into white rice.

It can also directly process paddy into white rice.

It is suitable for medium and small rice mill shop in city or countryside.
This machine has simple structure, small size, easy operated, good performance, easy maintenance. After milling rice by this machine, the white rice meets the required standard. It has a buit-in blower, do not need to match an extra cyclone.

The finished rice is the ready rice that we daily eat. Little percentage bran, low temperature, and it is available to separate the bran of rice paddy automatically.

How about the technical parameters of this iron roller rice mill:

Model Power Capacity Mainshaft


N. weight G. weight Packing size
BCF-2 15~18.5kw 800~1500kg/h 700~800r/min 260kg 350kg 1500*500*1050mm