Maize flour mill

Application:For maize/corn flour and grits processing, 220v3kw, 300lg/h.

This maize flour mill is used to process maize grits and maize flour. It can makes thress kinds of maize product, small maize grits, medium grits and maize flour.

Working principle:
Put the peeled maize kernels in the maize milling machine, and maize kernels can be crushed by the shearing blade, three varieties of medium grits, small grits and maize flour can be produced.
According to the built-in filter screen, the finished products are classified and flow out from the three feeding holes respectively. The professional grits making technology ensures that the grains of the grits are uniform and at the same time improves the productivity of the grits.
The shearing blade rubs against the corn kernel to cut the pin, which reduces the generation of maize flour and improves the yield of corn grits.

The technical parameters of maize flour mill:

Model BCM20
Power 3kw
Capacity 300kg/h
Final maize type medium grits, small grits and maize flour
Net weight 90kg
Groass weight 100kg
Dimensions 1350*530*1080mm