Manual peanut sheller

Application:Manual peanut sheller helps farmers to shell peanut instead of hand shelling work. It is popular selling in Africa market.

A manual peanut sheller machine is more efficient than hand peeling. While for this manual peanut sheller, peanut needs to be sorted. If you need to peel the peanuts, it is recommended to spray the peanuts and cover them with water for a few hours in advance, and then the peanut breaking rate will be reduced.This machine has 6mm, 9mm, 12mm several kinds of filter meshes, please measure the width of peanuts to see which is suitable.

Groundnut/peanut, one of the major cash crops in some regions of Africa, it is an important source of protein for rural people. Thousands of African farmers work farms and producing peanut by manual methods. So a groundnut peeling machine is needed at the moment.

Peanut has high nutritional value and is also the raw material for the production of edible vegetable oil. The oil extracted from the peanut kernel is transparent, light yellow and fragrant. The seeds contain 40-50% fatty oil, 20-30% nitrogenous substances, and 8- 21%, 2-5% cellulose, 5-8% moisture, 2-4% ash, vitamins, etc. Peanuts can also be processed into non-staple food.

The oil yield of peanuts in oil crops is much higher than that of other oil crops, and the oil yield is as high as 45%-50%. The relative content of oleic acid in peanuts is as high as 50%. Oleic acid is beneficial to the human cardiovascular system, and has a reducing effect on the human body’s high blood fat and harmful cholesterol, without affecting or relatively increasing the good cholesterol.

Manual peanut sheller information:

Model BCPT100
Capacity 40~60kg/h
Sheller rate 95%
Mesh size 6mm, 9mm, 12mm
Weight 60kg
Dimensions 680*350*1150mm

You can also choose a blue color model: