Paddy sheller machine

Application:From paddy to brown rice, this paddy sheller can do it. Then match a rice mill to get white rice.

This BC60A paddy sheller is used to shell paddy into brown rice. Put the paddy into the feeding silo, through vibrating screen and magnetic separation device, and goes through rubber roller husking (removing the large yellow husk), air separation. The rubber roller is hygienic and non-toxic, no pollution to rice and bran, the rice grains are bright and white, and the color is pure.

The technical parameters of paddy sheller machine:

Model Power Capacity Mainshaft speed Packing size
BC60A 4~5.5kw 1000~1200kg/h 1100r/min Head 700*500*480mm

Body 700*480*460mm

It uses high quality rubber rollers and blower:

Our factory show: