Paddy wheat thresher

Application:For threshing paddy, wheat, rice, sorhum, barley, millet, big capacity, mobile, driven engine can be motor, diesel engine and gasoline engine, good applicability.

BC100A paddy wheat thresher, also naned axrial flow thresher, two types, standard type and traction type. It can be matched with a diesel engine or a gasoline engine.Standard BC100A axrial flow thresher, a new product in paddy wheat thresher field, it has more working effect, wide applicability, movable, good threshing and cleaning quality, safe operation, easy to use, etc., suitable for large rural use.

The traction BC100A paddy thresher, widely used in paddy threshing business, it is usually equipped with a walking chassis with braking system function, which can be directly connected with the nose of a 12-horsepower walking tractor. The traction model rice thresher is suitable for a wide range of mobile operations. When the thresher works in a certain place, the head can be removed, and then the head can be used directly as the power of the thresher. The traction type model is a rich helper for the users of the thresher.

The technical parameters of BC100A paddy wheat thresher:

Model BC100A
Capacity 1500~2200KG/H(Paddy/Wheat)
Power 7.5~11kw motor

S1100 diesel engine

ZS1100 gasoline engine

Cleaning rate ≥98%
Threshing rate ≥99%
Dimensions 2011*2218*1954mm
Weight 432KG(not including driven engine)

Paddy rice thresher matched diesel engine or gasoline engine:

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