How to choose a rice mill to meet your demand?

Bycan rice mill machinery offers several kinds of rice mill models, such as N series blower rice mill, 6NF double-blower rice mill, fine bran rice mill, combined rice mill group, rice process line. Some customers don’t know how to choose a suitable model for their demand. Let me explain here.

If you are a farmer, and the raw materials is paddy, you want to get white rice for yourself, daily eating, no need to resell rice. You don’t need to crush the rice bran, either. While one single rice mill is ok, small capacity, choose N50 blower rice mill. Its capacity is 500~600kg/h, can process paddy directly into white rice. Matched with a 5.5kw motor, low energy consumption.

If you own a medium rice process factory and need fine bran to feed livestock. You want to process paddy into white rice directly, and need a big capacity. We suggest 6NF-13.6 double-blower rice mill, capacity is 1600~1800kg/h, it has both rice milling part and crushing rice bran part. The fine bran can be feed for livestock while the white rice is good quality and popular selling.

While for a whole rice process line, such as rice destoner(paddy clean), rice hulling, rice milling, rice bran crushing, rice packing, you need a rice mill plant, or a combined rice mill group. You can contact us to get a complete suggestion. We offer a whole plant information for each machine that is needed in this production line.

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