Rubber roller rice huller

Application:Rubber roller rice huller, hulling paddy into brown rice. Can match a rice mill to get white rice.

Rice huller machine, paddy huller, it is mainly used for hulling paddy and separating rice husk and shrivelled brown rice from rice and paddy mixture.

Features of rubber roller rice huller:
1. Compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance.
2. This machine has buit-in blower, which can separate the rice and rice husk.
3. Screw structure, more precise adjustment of rolling distance.
4. Rubber roller has both elasticity and hardness, strong plasticity under high hardness, moderate stress on grain, high roughness rate and low broken rice rate.
5. Good wear resistance and long service life.
6. It has strong temperature resistance and is not affected by climate; when it is rotated at high speed for a long time, it will not deform, not soften, and resist tearing.
7. The rubber roller rice hulling machine is hygienic and non-toxic, no pollution to rice and bran, the rice grains are bright and white, and the color is pure.

How about the technical parameters of this paddy sheller?

Model Power Capacity Mainshaft speed Packing size
BC24-2C 4~5.5kw 1300~1500kg/h 1050r/min Head 740*550*430mm

Body 960*940*830mm

BC25H 7.5kw 3000~3500kg/h 1100r/min 940*660*640mm

Packing in ply wooden cases: