SB rice mill for sale

Application:Process paddy to white rice, all-in-one rice mill group.

Do you believe that one machine can process paddy into white rice directly? SB rice mill can do it.

Introduction: SB series combined rice milling machine is a special equipment for rice processing. It consists of a hopper-feeding part, a hulling part, the brown rice, a large bran separation part, a rice milling part and an air blower. The machine can continuously complete the whole processing process of paddy from paddy cleaning, hulling, air selection and finally whitening. Then the large bran, fine bran, glutinous rice and white rice are discharged out of the machine respectively.

This machine is a comprehensive expression for all the good qualities of varied kinds of rice processing machines. For example, it is arranged with a comprehensive view of situation and is designed rationally.
Features: reasonable layout, compact structure, small size, convenient and reliable operation and adjustment, low noise, less bran in the finished rice, and low crushing rate.

When using sb rice mill to mill rice, the process includes directing paddy into a pair of rubber rolls, rotating in opposite directions and at different speeds. Then the iron roller mill the brown rice into white rice.

How about sb rice mill technical parameters?

Model Power


Roller size N.W




Packing size


SB5 5.5 300~500 2.5” 130 160 680*660*1390
SB10D 11 800~1100 4” 195 230 730*740*1670
SB30 15 1100~1500 6” 230 320 960*740*1670
SB50 22 1800~2300 10” 560 630 1060*1000*2140

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