Small corn thresher

Application:For daily home corn threshing work, make your hands free, improve farm working efficiency.

This small corn thresher is used for household daily corn threshing.
It is recommended to use sun-dried corn, wet corn threshing is not effective.
For corn that has just been harvested from the farmland, it is recommended to dry it for about 15 days before threshing, and the effect is better.

How about advantages of this small corn thresher?
1. High efficiency, can take off 500kg per hour, threshing clean, not broken corn cob, not broken corn kernels.
2. Easy to use, small size, small footprint, can be used at home with 220V voltage.
3. Thick material, thickened steel plate, professional welding, high quality material, durable.
4. The removal rate is as high as 99%.
5. The shelf life is up to one year.
6. Price concessions, factory direct sales.

Small corn thresher technical parameters:

Model BCT1000
Power 1.3kw
Capacity 500kg/h
Threshing rate >99%
Motor speed 2800r/min
Thresher speed 2200r/min
Weight 18kg
Dimensions 620*310*640mm
Packing size 830*300*250mm

Customers can choose their favorite colors, we have three colors, green, red and yellow.

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We usually disassembly this small corn thresher before delivery, for small packing size:

Maintenance and care small corn thresher:

Before use, check whether the running direction of the motor is consistent with the direction set by the thresher. Check whether the parts of the fuselage are loose, and assemble the tightness and parallelism of the V-belt.
Lubricate all bearings in the thresher once a year.
Place the thresher in a dry and ventilated place.

Small corn thresher video: