Wheat flour machine

Application:Wheat flour machine is processing wheat, corn, sorhum, buckwheat and beans into flour.

One machine that can grind wheat into wheat flour. It can also grind corn, sorhum, buckwheat and beans.

Beautiful appearance, convenient operation and compact structure.
The whole machine is made of cast iron grinding shell, with good rigidity and no deformation.
Rolling distance suction system to solve the problem of dust rising.

The technical parameters of wheat flour machine:

Model BC350 BC400 BC500
Power 7.5kw/380v 11kw/380v 15kw/380v
Capacity 350kg/h 400kg/h 500kg/h
Roller size 350*220mm 400*220mm 500*220mm
Roller speed 680~750r/min
Transfer type Chain wheel Gear wheel Chain wheel
Weight(N/G) 385/415kg 415/445kg 445/475kg
Packing size 950*600*1150mm 1050*600*1150mm 1150*600*1150mm